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Insurance Full-cover Theft Fire:
The Full-cover insurance policy covers damage to the vehicle (except for an initial sum as set out in the contract and which varies depending on the category) so long as it has not been caused purposely or as the result of actions contravening the laws in force or the Italian rode code.

The vehicle is only insured for the rental period indicated in the contract, including any extensions, and for this reason we decline any responsibility for any damages or accidents that occur outside this period, and for which the client will be directly responsible.

Any damage to the interior fittings, and equipment are not covered by the insurance and are therefore solely the responsibility of the client.

The fire and theft insurance policy covers the vehicle and the accessories originally mounted by the manufacturer and excludes any personal possessions and objects belonging to the client.

The allowance for mileage covering the isle of Elba is unlimited. Except where otherwise indicated in the contract, it is not permitted to use the vehicle anywhere other than the isle of Elba.

24 HOUR assistance service
The assistance service is guaranteed over the whole island, and covers situations of difficulty caused by mechanical problems with the vehicle. Not included in the assistance service is the substitution of tyres which must be replaced by the client where necessary.

If the assistance service is called out when not strictly required by the situation; the client must pay for the assistance received at a rate of € 50.00 per hour (calculated on the times of departure and return to and from our depot at the airport). Minimum call out period 1 hour.

FREE Delivery and Return
Delivery and return are included in the price. We provide a free transfer service for clients already staying on the island or arriving by ferry (to finalise the contract and pick-up the vehicle the client must in any case come to our offices).

A member of our staff will collect you at an agreed time (of which you will inform us on the booking form) and will accompany you to our offices. Return of vehicle, this can be effectuated anywhere on the island.

The procedure, which may vary according to location, will be explained on finalising the contract.

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